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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Slightly Peed off...

Grumph! I got told off! I was only trying to communicate with my people......It was a very important information hub for weemails. There was quite a puddle. I had read all the incoming messages. I was poised to transmit my reply and Mum yelled "NO! Oakley NO!" But that is so unfair. Pets at Home is the one shop where all doggy pals are welcome. How come THEY are allowed to weemail up the corner of the shelf and I get such a shocked reaction from Mum? !!!! Huff! Humph! Harrumph! and Huff again!

Aside from this total injustice, it was a good workywalkies. I had taken Mum into town where she stopped at one of the flappy-roof shops in the middle of the street. It was all loaded with those strange bundles of megalong multicoloured tails and some of those clickysticks that some humans seem to use to wiggle the long tails into flat sheets......I didn't really take too much notice of all Mum's yacketying with the workyladyhuman there. I had found me a little doggybuddy under the table! It was a very gentle meet and greet but it whiled away the time nicely!

Next, we went the long way around town and ended up going through the tunnels (Mum still gets all disorientated down there so I have to direct her). This led us to the wait-forever-bleepy-crossing where I get to do 4 lots of hup-touch to find the buttons for Mum, but then we have to wait ages for the cars to stop whizzing. It was worth it though because Mum actually allowed me to take her into Pets at Home. Apart from the telling off, it was a productive visit. Mum got me some big yummy chewies but she says I can't have them until we are on our long journey. I have no idea what she is on about but I hope it is soon. Those chewies looked and smelled worth having!

Next call was Lidl's where did my bit getting Mum around all the crowded aisles. She only needed a couple of things so it was quite quick. At the checkout, we found my holibobs-mummy Julie! To begin with, I was a very good boy and didn't rush to her as I was in harness, but as soon as Mum gave me permission, I got myself a good old fuss! It was tail-waggy nice to see her again!

This afternoon, I got to take Daddy for a walkies into town. We went into the manhumans groomroom where we found Jeremy who normally puts tufts of Dad's headfur all over the floor. He didn't do that today, but Dad gave him a present and yacketyied with him for a while. Next came a little jaunt to Sainsbury's before a little car ride to a house where I stayed in the car (Dad only called in very briefly to collect a big wheeliecase), then back home again.

The sofa has been a comfy snuggle-rest for the rest of the day whilst Mum has been wiggling one of those long tails on a little shinystick......

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