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Friday, 7 July 2017


Mmmm. I like OMOE Wayne. He is our new Guide Dog Mobility Instructor (that is what Mum calls them. To me they are known as Obey Me Or Else humans).
Wayne came this afternoon, after a lazy morning with a swim first thing. He gave me loads of yummies! OK I had to work for them.....he did lots of tooting on his whistle and I had to come to him and touch his front paw with my nose, but then that front paw opened up and dispensed a yummy! I got to clean his ears for him too when he got down on the grass with me. It was great fun! I even got to show him my swimming skills as long as I came running back when he tooted! I did - several times! Heehee!

Then Mum started copying him. Mum's front paw started to dispense yummies when I touched it with my nose! I like this game a lot!

This evening, after it had cooled down a little bit, I got to take Mummy workywalkies all the way across town to Sainsbury's. She got some extra special yummies and I am fairly sure they are for me! They have gone into the chilly white cupboard for now but I know they are super yummy. Mum says they are called Pepperami sausagelets, and there is a tube of squirty cheese with prawns too! Now that all gives me lots of hope of yummy works to come.......
Ooh - Mum says I've got a new little 'sister':

This is "Chrissie". The puppy Mum and Dad have named in memory of Mum's Mum.

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