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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Towpath Team in Action Again!

New bra!

OMOE Wayne came again this morning and he brought me a new bra. It is a slimline design - all soft and comfy. Mum says it is hopefully going to withstand our rough and tough workywalkieses better. She says it can be put into the frothmonster sloshermachine. She also says that I have to make sure to tell everyone that it has been issued by Guide Dogs UK, therefore it is an official uniform for me, but it is NOT standard issue and therefore will NOT be issued to other Guide Dogs unless it is needed for very special reasons. Does that mean I am very special? Heehee!

A bit later, I got to try out my new bra when I took Mummy workywalkies to work the lock and swingbridge. We like it! I like the slimline strappiness of it - much less of it to cover up my glossy fur! Mum likes it because she says she can feel my every movement through it. She says she also likes the idea that it is made of something called webbing, which is washable. The white leather of my original harness is lovely but it does suffer a lot from our grubby grimey gritty muddy tough towpath world.

After doing the swingbridge and lock, we cruised a tiny little way to the other side of town and to the floatyboatykennels where the squirtysnake took ages to squirt the tank full up.

We are now moored on the towpath side, so a change of scenery. No more huge garden - but that means lots of walkies around this end of town again. It will make a change!

Two photos of me in my new bra.

Shows me and Mum beside our floatyboatyhome (burgundy narrowboat with blue gunwhales and a silver grey cratch cover - that is the tent-type thing on the bow deck) Mum is standing beside me. I am in a sit, facing the camera, with my smart new slimline bra on.

A closer up shot of me standing - sideways on to the camera, showing the super slim straps of the new harness. It has a reflective yellow strap over my shoulders, and one across my chest, with a flash on my chest saying 'Guide Dog Do Not Feed Me'. (I really must find a way to get rid of the 'Not' on that!

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