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Friday, 28 July 2017


Eau de rottingfish. My new perfume today. Mum seems unimpressed. She has no taste! it is utterly delectable! I made sure I applied it liberally.

It was a bonus to a superb freerun. We set off in the car with Dan our humanfriend (that meant I got to share the back seat with Mum again!). The destination was a longish walk down a rugged path that took us to a beach. It was a very crunchy beach - all made of white stuff. Apparently it is called Coral Beach and the white crunchy stuff is bits of shells. It was absolutely fantabulous! I had a wonderful time running and sploshing. It was a bit too rough and cold to swim but paddling was good. We went right up a steep rugged bit too. I raced with Dan and found a chunk of log to play with.

It was on the way beck when I found the wonderful fur-perfume. I managed to get in a pretty good session of rolling as hard as I could before Dad spoilt my spa experience by hoiking me off.

We said goodbyes to Dan after that and left that kennelblock. Now, after a long drive with a few stops on the way, we are in yet another kennelblock. I think I have had a lucky escape - the warmrainbox has a high-up fixed warmrainsquirter. Mum is miffed because that means she can't attack me with froth. Phew!!

2 photos of fun at Coral Beach. on the left is the blue ocean, lapping onto the almost white 'coral' sand (fragments of shells), with a line of seaweed along it. Mum and Dan are standing on the beach and I am at the water's edge.


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