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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Clickyfingers back in action! Mum says the interweb conked out here yesterday so we couldn't tell you what we had been up to.

Well, it seems it was some special day for Mummy and Daddy. Something about 30 years and someone called Annie Fursery. It seemed to involve a human yummyery for lunch, including a bottle that went pop and scared me! Then a long freerun, a swim in bumpy water and then sofasnuggles. Oh - and a bone!

Apart from the pop bottle, I liked this sillybrations thing!

Two photos 
Me beside a huge floatyboat that doesn't seem to float. It was sitting on the beach and I got to sniff it right down to it's bottom! Mum says it is a wreck. I thought it was a bit boring!

Loch Linnhe monster. Me swimming in the slightly bumpy water.

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