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Monday, 14 August 2017

Injun Buffy!

Positive guiding! That's what Mum says I'm doing super well at! Well! I can take that praise thank you very much. I'm just enjoying doing my job in new places. It is all much more exciting and interesting than plodding around the same old familiar streets. Everything smells so different here! Even Mum says so! She says the air is clean and fresh. To me it is carrying a million different stories and I want to read them all!

Today we took a very short workywalkies to a pointy church where I got oodles of fusses. I think it was a bit of a happy novelty having a pooch in the pews!

After that, we went for a bit of a wander around town, then back to our kennel for a brief while. Then Mum stayed to rest her paws and to deal with some clicketyfingersing stuff while I took Dad for another exploring session.

After my dinner, we set off workywalkies again to find a human yummyery. It made my mouth do some serious dripping. It smelled soooooooo good. It must have been good - Mum failed to drop anything more than a couple of those tiny white long dots. I dutifully hoovered them but they were not what I was smelling! Mum said it was called an Injun Buffy or something. There were some big round crunchies called poppadogs. She even failed to drop crumbs from them! Huffffff!

I endured that torture just long enough to get me out for a much needed wee, then another workywalkies leading to a very welcome freerun beside some huge crumbling building beside the rocky beachplace, and with some delicious long grass all along the way. Mum says she hopes it will sort out my parpy problem! I don't know what she means! There is a bit of a nasty niff that keeps drifting around but it is fine if you just move away! Mum blames it on the beach-cleaning that i did yesterday when I went off on a mission across the rocks. It was tasty but I'm not telling what it was. That is my secret. Anyway - what has yesterday's snacking got to do with the niffypuffs today?

The freerun ended when I had to go back to work to guide Mum back to the kennel via a long road with no pavements. We stopped off for a bit of a rest on the pawmenade where we sat and watched the hotball fall down the sky. Well....Mum and Dad watched it rather more than I did. I was rather more interested in watching the pair of Samoyeds walking about across the way!

Photo shows Mum sitting on the pawmenade wall with me lying beside her with my front paws dangling over the edge. Mum is gazing out to the ocean, my head is turning hard to watch over my shoulder.

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