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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Crow Shaving...

The hotball tried today. The sky stopped leaking for a little while. That meant that I got to enjoy a lazy lie-out on the bouncy floatyground at the side of our bobbyboat for a while. It was nice just watching the world go by.

This morning a nice manhuman arrived and lifted up the back deck of bobbyboat. He then did a whole load of twiddlytwisting stuff with shiny sticks and other strange toys. I took Mummy workywalkies to the shop (she was good - she got carrots!) and he was still twiddlytwisting when we got back. Eventually, he put the boat back together again and it started rumbling. Then he gave me a lovely big fuss and went away again.

When we were workywalkiesing, Mum was doing a very strange hoppity-thump kind of walk. It seems her paw is ouching her still. So, this afternoon, I took Daddy on a lovely long leisure walkies and we left Mum to put her paws up and do a whole load of her weird crow-shaving thing with long skinny tails and a little shiny hook stick.

Bobbyboat hasn't moved today - it seems we are staying put in this Fort Augustusususus place for a bit longer.


  1. Good fish & chip shop by the locks !!

    1. It certainly was! Mummy and Daddy said so, anyway. I never got a look in...