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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Big Non-Bobbyboat!

Little boat. Big boat. Workywalkies. Freerun. Paddling. Snoozing. A varied day methinks!

From our little bobbyboat, we went workywalkies around town, then got on a huge big boat. It was a little tricky guiding Mum onto it but I did it and then took her 'upsteps' to the top deck. There were lots of humans up there all on seats. Mum and Dad stayed stooded up most of the time. I just found myself a spot in the warm rays and laid down on the deck. The big boat took us out for a tour of this end of Loch Mess. There was a manhuman doing a load of yacketying - very loudly! He was telling everyone about some messy monster or other. I saw no such monster but I did enjoy a few moments of fuss from him and his ears were yummy too. He seemed to enjoy having them cleaned out! Daddy did a huge amount of one-eyed-clickyboxing. I think he was trying to find that messy monster thing.

After that we did some more workywalkiesing - just wandering around town and around the huge locks. Mummy and Daddy tortured me with smells of yumminess as they sat on a wall munching little yellow sticks from a box. Humph! The next bit was lovely though; a freerun along the side of the canal - on the non-towpath side. There was a million sniffings to be sniffed and many many important weemails to check out too. There was also a couple of passing buddies to meet and greet, and, of course, a couple of places where I simply HAD to go in for a paddle. Well.....I just HAD to! I almost got brave enough to actually swim but the rocks under the water suddenly disappear from under my paws and I didn't fancy plunging off. We did a bit more of that 'admiring the view' thing too. To me, this just seems like a waste of freerun time - and a different name for Mum-and-Dad-sit-down-for-no-apparent-reason! Still, it was a bit of a chance to dry off!

When we got back to our little bobbyboat, it was really hot and so Mum and Dad sat out on the back deck for a while. I enjoyed this time of stretching out and absorbing the rays from the blazing hotball in the sky.

2 Photos
Daddy with his one-eyed-clickybox, on the big boat, trying to find MessyMonster.

Me lying on the grassy bank of the Caledonian Canal, gazing out across the water and mountains beyond.

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