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Monday, 28 August 2017

Tiny Kennel

We seem to be in this crazy busy London place again. I have worked my paws off weaving Mum through oceans of human legs! I did manage to weave her to meet a colleague for a brief sniff on the way! Heehee! She was a golden labrador whose name I didn't find out. She and i just did doggy sniff greetings. Well, it would be just rude to bypass a colleague without a greeting wouldn't it?!

To start the day, we did some cruising and some locks and some swingbridges, then Mum and Dad did some frantic packing of stuff into a wheeliecase, then we set off workywalkies to the station. It was mega hot and we arrived at the train station just too late so had to wait a while for the next train.

The only shady place with a seat for Mum and Dad was out in the car park (except for the one inside the station but that was pongy - human weemails are not nice!). So, to while away the the time, Mum got me to 'hup' onto the bench and she attacked me with a grooming session. She just happened to have it in the wheeliecase! It was a bit cooler on that bench because it had holes in it to let the air circulate so Mum let me stay up there as there was nobody else around who might have wanted it. I just couldn't keep my eyes open! Well.....Mum calls us hobos as we are of 'no fixed abode'. Hobos sleep on park benches. So I was doing the right thing!

Soon enough though we were on a very crowded train and I had to crawl under the seat to get out of the way. We then had to change to another train, via a bit of a workywalkies and a ride in two of those magic world-changing boxes. The second train brought us to London. Then it was more workywalkies and bus-rides to a humankennelblock.

Our kennel is tiny. Mum calls it a pod. Dad says it is a Premier Inn Hub. It is OK though. I got my dinner in the pod! In fact I got it early! Then, after Mum and Dad had been in the warm rain box and I had enjoyed a bit of a snooze under the cool hufferfufferthing, we went off out again! This time, we did a combination of workywalkieses and bus rides, and then we found Debbi! She led us to a human yummyery, then on to a big old building. Once inside there, I got to abandon Mummy and I went off into a room with some of the workyhumans to get ooooooodles of fuss and admiration for the evening while Mummy, Daddy and Debbi went into the big room with seats up steps to watch something called a show.

Then it was workywalkies again, byebyes to Debbi and then bus ride and more workywalkies back to our pod kennel!

Photo of me asleep on a blue metal mesh park bench type seat outside Midgham Station.

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