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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bobby Booby Bobby!

Nope! Can't find this Messie Monster. I've searched and searched today.
Apparently it was my last chance before leaving Loch Mess. I had taken Mummy workywalkies to the frothysloshmachine room and we had a few minutes to wait for it to finish sloshing all the fursubstitutes. There just happened to be a beach right beside the building. Well.....I couldn't waste the chance for a dip could I? So, in I paddled. I looked and I blew bubbles and I even had a bit of a dig in the pebbles under that chilly water, but no Messie. That puddle is a bit big though - maybe Messie was on the other side......

We have bobbed away from Fort Augustus in our little bobbyboat. It really did bobbabout too! That water was lumpy bumpy today! We are now moored up beside some funny little tiny pointy-roofed shed-things (apparently they are human hollibobs kennels) and our bobbyboat is bobbing and wobbling well in the huffypuffy air and on the lumpybumpy water. We are safe and cozy inside. Mum's lap is great place to be to snooze away the bobby-bumpings.

5 photos - 4 of me searching for MessieMonster and 1 of the funny little pointy-roofed human hollibobs kennels.


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