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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Flooded Grass!

I got one. I got one. I got one! I got a haggis! Yeayhayy!

Dad says that Haggis is yummy - this one isn't! But it does have a wonderful squeak!

Today has been fantabulousfandabbydoozee!

I got a huuuuuge freerun! Yayyyyy! 5 miles of it! - well.....Mum's talkybone thingy told her she had walked 5 miles - of course, that means that I ran and sniffed and rolled and ran back again probably double that distance! It was wonderful! We went aaaalllll the way along the towpath from In The Mess to where the canal meets the ocean, and back again along the other side.

I got into a great boxing match with a GSD called Oscar, I swam and paddled, I ran and chased, I got to grips with a lot more of the local weemail lingo, and just generally had a great time while Daddy did my job of looking after Mummy. Actually, most of the way the path was really good for Mum to be able to navigate so it was a nice relaxed time all round.

After the boxing match came a time of lie-down to chill and admire the view of the bay. That is a ginormous river, and there was a ginormous bridge going over it jsut a little way along from us.

I also got have a bit of a swim too. Well...it would have been so wrong for any self-respecting Labrador to miss out on such opportunity wouldn't it?

After all that I was just about ready to lie down on the sunny back deck of the bobbyboat as we bobbed across that Loch Mess thing. It went on forever! It got a little bit bibbly bobbly at times too when other big boats went by. When we finally arrived at our mooring below the locks at Fort Augustus, I was VERY relieved - that tuft of grass is now flooded! Phewwy! Also, it was waaaayyy past my dinnertime! I don't know how I survived!

This evening I took Mum and Dad workywalkies to find their dinner in a yummyery called The Bothy. It smelled sooooo good. I may have left Mum with a slightly damp knee! Oops!

I then had to take Mum to the warmrain room, where Dad and I left her to froth and spray while we went for a leisurely wander around town. Then I took Mummy back to bobbyboat while Dad went for a frothattack.

Now, if you will excuse me, I do believe that Mummy's lap is in need of a black furry sleepyhead on it.....

Photos captioned individually.
I got a haggis!
Close up of me holding a grey fluffy haggis in my mouth. The canal in the background.

Freerun bliss
Me standing on the grass beside the very wide towpath running between the Caledonian Canal and the estuary at Inverness. There is a big wet patch on the tarmac - that was where I did a big shake after taking a dip!

Boxing with Oscar the GSD.

Boxing 'hug' with Oscar the GSD.

Lying down on grass admiring the view across the estuary, the big road bridge in the distance.

Loch Ness Munchkin.
Taking a dip in the clear water of Loch Ness. I couldn't manage to drink it all!

Zonked on Mum's lap on the sofa inside our bobbyboat.

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