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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Mummy's Gone Berserk!

'Find the bank'. 'Find Wilkos'. 'Find Lidls'. All the old haunts here in Newbury.

In the bank, my bum gave quite a spectacular bounce when the workyladyhuman reached to the place where I know they keep a pot of doggy-yummies! My tail did a very good and efficient sweep of that bit of floor too. But, apparently the pot was empty! How could they? Hooooowwwwlllll! And after my bestest sit too! I had to settle for one of my usual treats from Mummy's pouch. It helped a bit to overcome the upset!

Wilkos was a tease too. There was a little hoard of minihumans around that pic n mix sweeties area. There were litttle yummies aaaallll over the floor - pink ones, yellow ones, white ones, brown ones, red ones, green ones........Mum was megamean! She wouldn't let me get ANY of them! She kept a very tight 'head up' hold on my lead and noseband! Huffffff-double-huff! Then we just wandered up and down the aisles - over and over again. Apparently Mum was searching for some specific hooks or something but couldn't find them. It takes her ages to scan the shelves at the best of times, but hunting for a tiny packet took forever. The workyladyhuman that Mum asked wasn't helpful. She just said 'Oh...errr... I fink they're on the back wall'. Mum gave up! (Phew!)

Lidl's was a little more interesting yet normal. Mum failed to yield to my attempts to guide her into Pets at Home on the way. She really is stubborn sometimes! In Lidl's I had to work quite hard keeping her from bumping into people. it was crowded in there!

Daddy had gone off and left us for the day and so, when we got back to floatyboatyhome, Mummy went berserk. She started emptying cupboards and doing loads of that squirt-wipe thing, then rearranging the contents of the cupboards and putting them all back in different places. She also seems to have packed a load of my toys into a bag.....should I be worried?!!

Daddy came back and I got to take him walkies while Mum finished putting home back together again. Now it is time for sofa snuggles. I have been showing Mum my best view! She says she doesn't really appreciate having a weapon of mass destruction pointed straight at her! I have no idea what she means.

Phhoooeeeyyyy! Who did that?

Photo shows me lying on my back on the sofa beside Mum - my bum is pointing toward her and my back legs are so elegantly spread apart!

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