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Saturday, 26 August 2017


Yayhayhayhay! Oakleyworld is finally the right way up! This is the life I am supposed to be living!

We have cruised. We have walked the towpath. We have worked locks. We have moved to a new mooring. I have snoozed the afternoon away on the towpath. I have meeted and greeted many passing pooches. Yesssss! This is what Oakleys are meant to do! Well... this Oakley anyway!

Well......OK..... I suppose in true Oakleyworld the walking the towpaths bit should be workywalkies in harness. Today, though, and probably only today....Mum has let me enjoy freerunning the bits we have walked because it is all VERY familiar territory for her and the fireball was high in the sky but tempered by a bit of skyfuzz, so just perfect lighting for her. I even got to sneak in a quick cooling swim on the way! That meant that, when I got back aboard the back deck of floatyboatyhome, I washed the deck too. I do like to be multipurpose!

One of the passing pooches that I meeted and greeted was a little 11 week old Springer Spaniel puppy named Morgan. The photo shows her lying down beside me and me looking down at her. I was very gentle. She was very soft and fluffy.

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