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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Daddy Scoffed the Lot!

I need a 'Do not Disturb' sign! There I was, all snuggly snoozing and got dragged out of bed! A manhuman arrived shortly afterwards and did some twiddly twisty fixy things in the human spending room on the bobbyboat. It seems it was not supposed to be washing the floor! It isn't any more.
Then another manhuman lifted up the floor of the back deck and took out two big block things then put two new ones in and attached long tails to them. Apparently they should make things like pooters work better. I just enjoyed the fusses from the manhumans. I also got to enjoy a couple of leisure walkies around the boatkennel place while they were doing their stuff. One of these walkies included a brief but whizzy game of chase with a lurcher puppy named Barney. It was all a bit brief though, because apparently Barney's humanmum was terrified that Barney would fall into the hugenormous lock. He was super fast! I don't think I could have kept up with him for long anyway!

Eventually, the workymanhumans finished and we got off to cruise again. We have done a few little distances with stops in between today. One of those stops included a workywalkies to a tiny shop and then along beside a megabusy road. At the shop, Mum and Dad got cold slurpysticks. Dad scoffed all of his but Mummy loved me. She ate all the brown stuff off the outside but then saved me a bit of the yummy white cold inside bit. MmmmmmMMMMMmmmmm....

Another one of the stops was a bit miffing. Mum's paw was very ouching (from her tumble the other day) so she stayed on the boat while Dad went off with his one-eyed-clickybox. That meant I didn't get to go walkies! I stayed to look after Mummy instead. I did get to take Dad for a nice long walkies explore this evening though - and that got me a meet n greet with another me! A fellow black lab called Bailey.

Two photos:
Me fast asleep all wrapped up in the duvet (just my head showing).

Meeting and greeting Bailey.

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