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Friday, 11 August 2017

Bibbly Bobbly Boat!

Loch Oich Oik! That's what Mum called me! Or, she said maybe it should be Oachley's Loch Oich.....Whatever....... It was a tad chilly but worth it! Just a few ball-fetches and then off for a nice leisurely freerun along a track through the trees. That meant loads of weemail exchange opportunities. I'm getting to grips with the lingo here now.

All that was after a very lazy snoozy morning in our very bibbly-bobbly bobbyboat. The sky was very leaky and the air was super huffy, so bobbyboat was bibblybobbling all night. We were OK inside though - it was just a bit jiggly and noisy.

We went for a bit of a cruise across this Loch Oich again today after the air stopped huffing so hard. It seems it was a journey for Dad to use his one-eyed-clickybox. That meant I got another leisure walkies! No complaints there!

We are now back at the bobbyboat kennel where we started and I took Daddy out again this evening and we came back to find Mummy had packed everything into bags and wheeliecase again. it seems this is our last night of bobbyboat holibobs.

I was super helpful to Mummy this evening. She was doing something she called making-a-packed-lunch. She opened little round things of tuna. The smell made me drip very seriously. Mum needed to drain the water out of it and the only place for it to go was my bowl! Well....it just had to be disposed of didn't it? Yummylicious! Then, when she had finished there was a round mixing bowl thingy that needed to be washed up. I did a very good and thorough job of it! Mum says I am seriously spoiled. I thing I was simply being super helpful! Sluuurrrppppp!

2 photos of me swimming in Loch Oich. In both, I have my new yellow big ball in my mouth. in one I am sideways on with reflections in the water beside me. In the other I am facing forward with sploshes of water droplets spraying up above my nose.


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