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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Team Towpath Back in Action!

Holibobs over but happy to be back, especially as I've got a huge new bone and we have cruised to moor in the bestest place in Newbury!

I had to wake Mummy and Daddy up this morning. my stomach was eating me from the inside out! I was soooooo starved! Mum says the tickydisk said it was 9.30. That means my breakfast should have been two whole hours before! Well....OK..... I needed a wee too ......but.....I was proper starving! I'm sure I should've got at least double portions for the delay. I didn't though. Hufff!

Having just about survived that starvation, I took Mummy workywalkies. Back on the old stomping grounds I really wanted to check out all the local gossip in the weemails, but she wouldn't let me get away with many sniffs. Huff! I did manage to sneak in a few though - at strategic gossip hubs. I even managed to exchange messages at a couple of them! It was a good walkies into town. The most important stop in the town centre was the red-and-white-striped shop where Mum got a backpack full of torture including sausages. Most importantly though, she got me two nice big bones! Yippee! Next stop was a good one too; Pets at Home! Yessssss! Hoovering just had to be done in the Pic-n-Mix aisle - it is important to leave the place clean and tidy! My supply of treats is now replenished. Life may now continue! The third stop was Lidl where Mum got me guiding her alongside the trolley. She got carrots! All is good with the world!

At the checkout I got to 'hup' to meet n greet my buddy Jerry at the checkout. I like Jerry, he does good ear tickles! Daddy met us in there and so we got a lift home in the car with all the shopping.

We stayed home just long enough for Mum to put the shopping away and for me to make a start on my yummy bone! Then we went off out again in the car to Beeancue. We went into the garden bit, but Mum wouldn't let me water any of the plants! Instead Mum and Dad put loads of little boxes of colourful nose-ticklers into a trolley and then we took them home in the car. They are now all on the roof of our floatyboatyhome! How weird are these humans?!

Daddy connected up the squirtysnake and squirted it into the hole in the deck. Then when the deck had drunk enough, Dad used the squirtysnake to water the roof - and he tickled it with a bristlestick too! (yep! definitely weird!). The water was pouring all over the back deck. I kept my bone and me safely inside!

Once all this peculiar behaviour was finished, we set off cruising. That meant that Team Towpath was back in action! Yayyyy! Workywalkies along the towpath working the locks and the bridge! That is what Mum and me are meant to do! Just 2 locks and the one swingbridge, but it was great to be back doing our thing!

Now, we are moored beside Northcroft Park once again! I may have got just a tad excited as we arrived! I may just have squeaked a bit! Errhemmm! Oops! Ahem! I was a bit miffed though when Mum tethered me! She muttered something about not wanting a soggy doggy tonight...... I don't know what she could possibly have to worry about! I wouldn't dream of getting soggy.......I might think about taking a dip...... but that's not really getting soggy........Meanie Mummy!

Photo shows me - just the top of my head - nose downwards - munching a huge knobblyknucklebone on turquoise rug.

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