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Monday, 7 August 2017

In a Mess...

Loch Mess. Apparently it is supposed to be something special. It just seemed like endless bobbing about to me! That is where we have spent most of the day - bobbing about on Loch Mess. Some of it was big bobbings too - when other floatyboats went past. Those big bobbings woke me up! Disturbed my beauty snoozings! How very rude!

All that bobbing about has brought us to a slightly familiar town. Mum says it is called In The Mess, or In The Nest or something..... It has meant a good long workywalkies whatever it is called. All the way into town, around town, to a human yummyery, and a bit more around town, then into Tesco's and then back to our bobbyboat. It was great to strut my stuff! I even managed to woo a scared manhuman in the yummyery. He got brave and stroked me - twice! Am I really that scary?

2 photos of me 'enjoying' the scenery of that Loch Mess thing - through my eyelids!
1 on the raised platform bit under Dad's seat, with my paws dangling over the edge
2 on the seat by the window. I looked out for a while.....


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