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Friday, 25 August 2017

Kanoodle Time!

Coffee Morning. That's what Mum called it.

Kanoodling Morning. That's what it was! Heehee!

Workywalkies to the bus stop, then workywalkies on new territory - a road with no pavement into a place called Thatcham Garden Centre. That was vaguely familiar. We've been there before but not via that route in. It was a good challenge. As we crossed the car park, I spotted my pal Harley, fellow black lab Guide Dog. Suddenly I was a bit faster guiding Mummy! Ahem! There were some familiar humanfriends there too - but most importantly Harley! We are expert kanoodling buddies!

After a little while another colleague arrived too. A golden lab x retriever named Daisy. She is only a youngster at just 2. We did a fair bit of kanoodling between us. It really is the best way for any self-respecting Guide Dog to pass the time under the table while our humans do all that yacketying. Daisy is a bit of a goody-4-paws though. She didn't do the commando crawling under the table that Harley and I have perfected to overcome our humans' insistance on pulling us apart from time to time. (Apparently this coffee stuff is supposed to stay in cups but kanoodling causes it to cover table tops!). So what we actually ended up doing was that Daisy and I were able to lie next to each other and have a good old ear-and-jowl-chewing session and Harley commando crawled over to join in whenever he got the chance. It was a happy morning of furry-fellowship!

Near the end of the time, Daddy arrived to join in with the yacketying. Then, when my buddies has gone, I had to go back into work mode guiding Mummy around that garden centre place. There were so many trees and bushes that really needed watering but Mummy wouldn't let me! I had to save it all for the big tree in the car park! After that we then went to a place with lots of those big white homes on wheels before returning to floatyboatyhome.

After my dindins, it was back into uniform and off on another workywalkies. Daddy had disappeared again, but we found him at the end of the walkies - at a human yummyery called the Old London Apprentice. They are doing good stuff there - raising shinydisks to sponsor a puppy and call it Ola. Ken the nice workyhuman there remembered me and I got to 'hup' at the bar again to greet him!

Now, back home again, it is most definitely sofasnuggles time. 
Me kanoodling with Daisy - just our heads visible with our noses smooshed together.

Harley joined in too - two black heads and Daisy's golden head all with noses together.

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