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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Another Guide Dog Buddy!!!!

Woohoo! That was the bestest visit to a church ever! It was a short workywalkies up a little narrow twitten and around a couple of the tiny steep-hill streets of this Fort Augustus place. It was a tiny weeny little pointy building with wooden bench seats inside. None of that mattered though - what mattered was that I MET A FELLOW GUIDE DOG BUDDY IN THERE!

Her name is Willow and she is a red-fox labrador x retriever. We didn't get to play or anything proper like that, but it was just fantabulous to meet a colleague! We did have a super good meet n greet sniffing session. Then our humans were a bit mean and separated us during the humanhowling and yacketying stuff. They muttered something about not wanting us to disrupt things..... But, afterwards, we got to meet and greet again for a good while outside, while our humans did a load of yacketying.

The rest of the day has been largely lazy, but with a bit of workywalkies around the town. We went into a little shop where I almost managed to snaffle myself a new toy......blimming noseband prevented a good enough mouth-hold though! Inside there was a little kind of room off to one side where we went for a look. It was all kind of dusty-fusty in there, with all sorts of old things around. There was a ladyhuman lying on a sort of bed thing. She was lying very very still. I wanted to go check she was OK but Mum wouldn't let me. She said it was OK, just a model and we were not allowed beyond the rope. I just had to sit there and pose for Daddy's one-eyed-clickybox.

This evening, we set out for a walkies but only went a little way - then ended up on a different bobbyboat. I got some lovely fusses while Mum and Dad did a huge amount of yacketying with the nice manhuman and ladyhuman on that bobbyboat. It was nice - but I was glad to take the long route back to our bobbyboat - even with a leakysky.

3 photos
2 of me with Willow outside the little pointybuilding church.
1 of me sitting inside that funny little dusty-fusty room.

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