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Thursday, 8 November 2018

A Special Partnership!

This was six years ago today. The day that Mummy and I were let loose on the streets as a qualified Guide Dog Partnership.
Six years of me teaching Mummy just how clever I am. Six years of me looking after her. Six years of loves and cuddles and sofasnuggles and carrots and bones and.... well of all that has come with this life of mine.

I could have been partnered with a human who has a quiet life, a life with far fewer challenges, with predictable routines..... but I think I'm pretty glad I was partnered with my Mummy! This is certainly not a standard Guide Dog's life! It has lots of challenges for me; challenges that I love to embrace and conquer with Mummy. It is most definitely never predictable or samey. It comes with lots of yummies, lots of meetings and greetings, lots of passing pooch pals to play with, lots of mischief (shhhhh.... don't tell!) and lots and lots and lots of loves and fusses and fun.

Yep! I think it has been a pretty good six years.

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