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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Grumpy Mummy...

MmmMMph! Leaky skies workywalkies.....Not a happy Oakley! Not a happy Mummy either!

Oakleys don't work properly with drips running off schnozzle. Oakley not working properly makes grumpy Mummy. Oh dear! I guess that goes down as a not-good workywalkies all round really.

We did eventually make it to the flat, via Tesco. I did 'Find Tesco' for Mummy. I also did plenty of 'find left' 'find right' 'wait' 'mind yer bum - I need to open that fridge door'.....That bit was OK. I did a 'find the checkout' then 'find the door'. Then it all went soggy yucky - in all ways. Soggy leakysky drippy schnozzle makes for a very ploddy Oakley. Oops!

I did get a good towelrub when we arrived. Mummy said she didn't want the new carpets decorated. I think they would have looked much improved with a few pawprints.....

Most of the rest of the day, I have spent watching Mummy and Daddy both do oooooooodles of that peculiar human behaviour where they stroke things with flappy things and squidgy things, adding stinky squirts from various bottles and hissytins. Every single bit of the flat has been subjected to this weird fussing. Then Mummy got one of those nasty noisy growly carpet stroking machines and pushed and pulled it all over every single bit of carpet, leaving it all with strange stripes. I kept well out of the way of that beast! I did sort out a few of the stripes afterwards though.....when it was safe - when the stroker monster had been given back to the ladyhuman next door - I had a wonderful roll and rub session. It was a great face and back massage!

In the midst of it all, i did take Daddy out for a bit of a respite leisure walkies. The leakyskies had stopped by then. It was all good again in Bournemouth!

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