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Sunday, 13 May 2018

No City Noise!

Team Towpath! Yayyy!

We are on the move again. I like it!

The day started with a trip to a new church. That meant lots of new humanpaws to love me! There were gazillions of minihumans so my ears got loads of tiny paws stroking them. I also got a nice carpet to snooze on through all the humanhowling. It was a bit loud at first but we moved to the back and that was much better. I kept Daddy's back paws warm for him.

Next came a tiny cruise backwards to the squirtysnake point to give floatyboatyhome a big drink. After that came a nice leisurely workywalkies along the towpath with Daddy chugging along behind. This came to an end when we reached a bit of towpath that had a big cage across it so we couldn't go any further. We hopped aboard for a nice gentle cruise. This has brought us to a lovely mooring with no city noise! Mummy especially likes moorings like this!

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