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Friday, 4 May 2018

Pooch Paradise!

Home again! Yayy!

It has been a rather splendid day too! OK, the looooooong journey was a bit tedious, but I did get a lovely couple of freeruns and only a tiny bit of work to do.

It all started off with a sausage! I guided Mummy to the yummyery in the humankennelblock. I laid down like a good boy under the table while Mummy and Daddy tortured me with the smells of bacon and sausages and eggs and.....ooooh! It did smell mouth wateringly good. Then Mum dropped a sausage right by me! Well...I couldn't leave that there to make the carpet dirty could I? Heehee!

Next, Daddy disappeared and left me to supervise Mummy packing everythign into the wheeliebag. Then there was a knock at our humankennel door. It was our humanpals John and Barbara come to visit! John has yummy ears and they most definitely needed a good clean out! Delivery of such cleaning service makes my tail go very waggy! They didn't stay long but it was lovely to meet n greet them. Daddy came back while they were with us. Then it was time for bags and everything else to be packed into the car. But it was a different car! Apparently that was where Daddy went - to swap the car. Apparently the other one had something wrong with it and needs to go the carvets. The new one was even niceer! Big and high up and ooodles of luxurious doggy-stretch-out-space!

This car was also nice because it took me to the Clifftop Park for a wonderful freerun. I met up with Lucy and Lola too; my little whippet pals. It wasn't a massive long freerun but it was very enjoyable before settling down for the loooooooooong journey on all the zoomy roads. (Well....they are supposed to be zoomy, but some of them were very ploddy).

After a big long snooze, the car stopped and it was time for a doggy necessity break. I watered the tree outside and then took Mummy to the human necessarium inside. Then I had to endure more humanyummies time. Next though was another welcome surprise; another freerun! Daddy says the place was called Cherwell Services where lots and lots of cars and lorries and coaches stop for a break. Behind the building is a wonderful pooch paradise! A mile-long track of freerun territory beside a little streem and with loads of trees and open spaces to run and sniff and have a real proper leg-stretch!

That made the last bit of the journey all snoozy too! I like snoozy journeys after freeruns. Much nicer than travelling with too much zoom left inside me!

I did have to do some workywalkies taking Mummy aroudn a huge Morrisons shop, but I managed to clean a stray carrot from the floor to fuel me for the rest of the work around the shop.

When we arrived back at the cage where our floatyboatyhome is, I was greeted by another girlfriend; Little Jessica, the terriermess who lives on one of the other floatyboatyhomes here. That was a very nice welcome home, even if she did steal one of my toys and run off with it! Heehee! She can have it! I love her!

Photo shows me in the open space of the freerun area behind Cherwell Services.

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