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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

I Do Love My Job!

Mummy's hero this morning.

The sky was big bad leaky so I really had to work my bestest to guide Mummy. The super-leaky sky meant that she needed to pull her hood up over her headfur. She hates doing this because she says it blocks out the sounds of the vrooms on the road. It was also huffyfuffy which makes this effect even worse. Also, when the sky is leaking it makes her eye-windows all blurry so she takes them off. Apparently this makes her eyes even more blurry! So, basically, she placed her life in my paws as we went workywalkies. The road was super busy with slow creepy-crawly cars and buses and big beastie rumbly lorries. In some ways, this makes it easier for us to cross the side roads, but in other ways it makes it even harder for Mummy to hear what is going on because the vroomers and rumblers and growlers all fill her ears up and leave no room for anything else. For the first few side-roads this was OK as they are rarely used. So, I stopped Mummy at the kerb and she was able to listen and hear that it was safe to cross, so she told me 'Oakie Forward'. There was one road, however, where we did this and Mummy told me to 'Forward'. As we started to cross, a car came zooming around the corner and so I had to bring Mummy to an emergency stop! We made it safely to the kerb and Mummy made a big fuss of me and told me what a hero I am! I thanked her with a super big shake that gave her a good shower! Heehee!

Most of the rest of the day has been uneventfully spent much the same as yesterday, but with a lovely freerun in the middle! I got to explore my old playground of the Clifftop Park! Mummy said something about needing a break and a breath of fresh air to help with her buzzzing head from all the information given by the visitors yesterday and today. Daddy was in need of the same. I was very happy to help with that! It seems that the Clifftop Park is a good place to de-buzz and humanhead! It is certainly a good place for a doggy to enjoy a good buzz about!

This evening, after a brief return to our humankennel for my dinner, and for Mummy and Daddy to change into different fursubstitutes, I had to step into workywalkies mode again. This time, it was to take them to a human yummyery. I endured the smells from under the table but then got to guide Mummy (with Daddy too) back to the humankennelblock, via the longer route back through the gardens. I had to work rather than freerun, because it was getting dark and so Mummy really needed me again. I got a yummy chewstick for doing a good job! I do love my job!

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