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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Jingly Jangly Clipcloppy Beasties!

Home again! Again again again.....

Thankfully, we didn't have to walk back along that horrid road with narrow pawment and lorries growling past uber-close. Papa drove us to the trainkennel. That was much more civilized. Thank you Papa! (I think I forgive you now for forgetting yummies!)

We had a few minutes wait - that was a few minutes of fusses and admirations from people who came to the trainkennel - so, no complaints! The train ride to big, beastie London was OK, except for the lack of carpet to snooze on! Slip-slidey floor is not so cozy! Then came the workywalkies from Victoria to Marley Bone. There were blue flashy neenaws all over the place and the cars and buses and lorries weren't doing much vrooming. Then we came to the end of a road to find that there were loads of jingly-jangly clipcloppy beasties with big manhumans on their backs in big pointy head-toppers. They all went clipclopping across in front of us and on up the road past the park. (They were daft to go the wrong way! Going INTO the park is MUCH better!) We went INTO the park! Yayyy!

I had to workywalkies Mummy a bit of a way through the park, but then we stopped and Mummy asked me to 'Find the seat'. I did! I wagged my tail and gave Mummy my bestest 'Please love me Mummy' look. It worked! Off with my harness! Off with my lead! Aaaaannnd.....just at the right moment too! A fantasmagorical buddy happened to be coming my way just at that moment! Henri the Bulldog was the bestest fun I've had in ages! We ran zoomies and chased and rolled and ....well....played boy doggy games.....for a wonderful and tongue-hangy-outy-puffy-panty half an hour or so! It was magnifical wonderiferous fun!

The rest of the workywalkies was perhaps a tad slower than it might have been! I think I was a bit pooped after all that exuberance but oooooohhhhh! It was soooooo worth it!

When we got to Marley Bone trainkennel, I got to zonk for a bit while we waited for our train home. (I still haven't found Marley or a bone there!)

On the workywalkies, Mummy was impressed with me because I remembered the way - every step of it! She didn't need to give me any directions. It was much easier than on the way yesterday - all the roads we had to cross had long pointy upturned bowls in a row across the end. These things seemed to have some power to stop cars and lorries and buses from turning, so I didn't have to do the usual wait...wait...wait at the kerbs!

On the train home, we started off sitting right next to the human spending room. There was a manhuman sitting with us who had a white stick-with-a-ball on the end. I stayed curled up on his back paws to make sure he was OK. When he got off, we moved to different seats. Apparently the ones by the smellyroom were really uncomfortable. Moving also meant more comfort for me: CARPET! Yayyy!

4 photos:
1 me lying on the blind manhuman's back paws on the train
3 of my funtime playing with Thierry.


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