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Monday, 14 May 2018

Super End to a Day.

Hmmm...This Dissy plin thingy seems to be spreading to lock working too!

Today, I have workywalkiesded Mummy for about 8 miles and 20 locks. That makes it a great team towpath day. Mummy seems to be less willing to let me sniff and exchange weemails along the way - that is a bit miffing, but she seems determined so I guess I will get used to it.

At the locks, where Mummy usually asks me 'Find the bollard' there were no bollards to find. They were all on the wrong side of the locks. On our side, there was just a big patch of long, highly munchable grass. The glowball was blasting us quite hot from the sky today so Mummy made me go into the areas under trees where the glow was not reaching. It was cooler there. Because there was no bollard or anything else to attach my lead to, Mummy just gave the 'Down' command, followed by 'Stay', and she left me lying there while she did all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. At the first lock, I stayed for a few moments then thought I had stayed long enough and so was entitled to get up again for a bit of a sniff about. Mum thought differently! She came back and 'reminded' me to 'down' again. This process was repeated once more at that lock. Then once more at the next lock. This time though, Mummy didn't come back to me. She just called out 'Down' from where she was. I downed and stayed! 'Good boy!'. I like being told I'm a Good boy! It makes my tail wiggle.

After this, I got the message and even managed to stay in my 'down stay' when doggypals came by. That got me megapraise and yummies! Well....OK....I may have been totally unable to resist a couple of puppies. A 7 month old Rottie girlie and a 4 month old black lab laddie were just too irresistible! Mummy forgave me for those two little blips in my dissy plin.

At the last lock of the day, Mummy was kind. She took of my harness and lead and let me enjoy a good sniff around. A few moments later, a couple of collies came along. That was a super end to a day of hard work. A few minutes of zoomies and chase!

Now, I do appear to be having a little difficulty in keeping my eyes open.......well....sofasnuggles with Mummy is a nice way to unwind!

6 photos of our lockworking day
1 of me sitting on the back deck watching the green water glide by
1 of a rather grey-speckled muzzle and a big black nose asnooze on Mummy's leg

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