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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Back in the Kennelblock!

Never a dull day in Oakleyworld!

Today has been all about asnoozing in a car. A long snooze on a long vroom. This long vroom has brought us to Bournemouth again - to the same humankennelblock again - and almost the same kennel within it! I tried to guide Mummy to it but Daddy took us to the next but one door.

The long vroom was broken by a very welcome workywalkies on another old stomping ground: Newbury! Oooooh! That was good! Mummy was super impressed with me for remembering the way and for being a super good boy in my working. It wasn't a super long workywalkies but it was a super good one - along some streets, over a bridge, along the towpath and through town, into the butchershop and then to the human yummyery. In there, we found some humanfriends; Chris and Sally, plus their grownup humanpuppies Sam and Becky. (Don't tell Mummy but I managed to do a bit of hoovering work under the table! She thought I was just being a fidgetbum! Heehee!)

A nice long walkies exploring this bit of Bournemouth again has been a welcome paw-stretcher this evening. Now, if you will excuse me though, I have a job to do: I have a bone to deal with! Thanks Mummy!

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