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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Fusses and Admirations!

A day that starts with a freerun is always good. When that freerun includes meeting a colleague it is ever better!

It was a nice bright light and we were on a good towpath so Mummy didn't need too mch help from me. That meant I got to enjoy a nice leisurely wander along with as much sniffing and weemailing as I liked! As I was a-wandering, I spotted a colleague coming towards us. I sat down and waited patiently for him to get to us but then my bum went into turbowag mode. His name was Yoshi and he was a ginormous yellow lab x retriever. We both really really wanted to play but Yoshi was not allowed because he has been poorly and has to only have little walks. It was still fabtabulous to meet up though.

Not very long after this, Mum asked me to 'head in' to my harness. It was work time. 23 locks and a lot of waiting, plus a good dose of fusses and admirations worth of work! Mummy started off trying to do some of that dissy plin stuff; asking me to 'Down. Stay' while she did all her windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. I did do it. I was a good boy. The problem was that lots of humans were not so good. At least they were not good in Mummy's opinion. In my opinion they were perfectly lovely. They all came up to me and got me out of my 'Down. Stay's for fusses and meetygreets. It seems that the squiggles on my harness that say 'Do not distract' don't apply to lots of people. Mummy gave up trying to get me to 'Down Stay' and went back to old methods of asking me to 'Find the bollard' (they were on the right side today!). Then I got attached to the bollard by my lead. That meant I still got the fusses and admirations but I couldn't get away! Huff!

Photo shows me in a 'Down Stay' beside the first lock of the day. This was before we reached all the humans that Mummy called Gongoozlers.

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