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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Find the Co-Op!

7 locks - boring but yummy! 
Actually, I'm sure Mummy did windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff on about 20 locks - we kept on going up and down and back again as lots of other floatyboaties came through before Daddy arrived with ours. All of it involved a lot of 'find the beam' etc and a LOT LOT LOT of 'Down. Stay'. It was a bit boring because I only got away with sniffing the grass within the range of my head-movement, but Mummy was pleased with me for doing a good 'Stay' and the 'Good boy!' was accompanied with a yummy each time! I can live with that!

We are now in another long-ago-familiar place. Mummy says it is called Crick. We have moored in a slightly different place to last time, but I still worked out how to find 'Up-slope' to the road, then along the pawment, through the bit of track behind trees, then 'Find the Co-op'. Mummy was impressed! She says it was three years ago that we were last here. Heehee! I do like to impress!

We wandered across the canal (well....over the bridge really!) to the giganticenormous field. There we found loads and loads of white flappy-walls buildings being put together and a few floatyboatyhomes arrived while we were there too. They weren't floating on water though; they were on the back of huge growly lorries. Most odd!

This evening, I have had to bring Mummy and Daddy to a pub across the way from our mooring. Apparently this is the only place we can get interweb (whatever that is). Mummy says this means that I might not be able to dogblog very regularly for the next few days. I will do my bestest but can't promise.

Two photos
1 showing me in a 'Good Boy Down Stay' beside a lock
the other is of me sitting at the spot where I got my first boater's baptism 4 years ago. Mummy says the bridge behind me in this photo is the M1 at Watford Gap. I have learned so much since then! Lesson one was not to try to jump aboard when the boat is moving!

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