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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Helping with the Sorting Out.

I had to work today before I got to relax outside floatyboatyhome! Wellllll....a little bit of workywalkies is always good and today it was to go find humanfriends at church. I successfully guided Mum and Dad back via the freerun route too! I think I can declare that a good and successful bit of work!

Before returning to our floatyboatyhome, I got to go explore Isaac and Marley's garden outside their floatyboatyhome.

This afternoon, I mainly enjoyed a lie out on the grass beside home, but Mum and Dad were doing some of their peculiar 'sorting out' stuff. That included putting a bag on the grass containing three bones! There are only two in there now! Mummy says I am a cheeky imp for helping myself. I think I was just helping with the sorting out! I made a pretty good job of sorting that bone out! It is much smaller now!

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