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Monday, 7 May 2018

Wobly Humans!

Hotdog! Mum offered to put me in a bun! I'd rather put the bun in me!

We've done 8 locks today and, while working each one, Mummy told me to 'Lie down' in the shady area wherever there was one. It was quite nice lying down on the cool grass but I really wanted to be beside Mummy. I was a good boy though. I did stay where I was told to. Then, when Mummy called me 'Oakie come' I trotted along as best I could with my lead trailing between my legs (how undignified!) and bounced my bum down triumphantly in front of her to make sure she realized just how good I had been. It got the right result: a yummy each time! Heehee!

Eight locks was enough for today though, so we cruised the rest of the way. That was nice - just lying on the back deck watching the water slide past. There were some pairs of big honking featherballs with little tiny cheeping puffballs with them, and a pair of quacking featherballs with even tinier puffballs - loads of them! I so would have loved to check them out more closely but they stayed away from our floatyboatyhome.

By one of the locks, under a bridge, there was a group of humans all gathered. They all had shiny bones in their front paws that they kept putting to their mouths and slurping. They were a bit wobbly! Most of them were also putting little smoking twigs in their mouths and then huffing out some stinky puff. Mummy was yacketying with some of them for quite some time and I got some nice ear rubs too. Then two of them went to help Daddy with our floatyboatyhome. It had got stuck on shopping trolleys and so the wobbly manhumans got hold of the floatyboat's lead and heaved it along. I got more ear rubs when they came back! I like those wobbly humans!

Photo shows me and Mummy atop a lock with floatyboatyhome going into the lock.

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