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Thursday, 3 May 2018


Yahyaayyy!!! I got a freerun! I got a freerun! I got a freerun!

The hotball was glowing big and bright in the sky and, after a little while at the flat, I set off with Mummy on harness to go workywalkies into town. We didn't get far though; just to the corner. Then Papa came up the hill towards us! So, after a quick doggy necessarium on the grass, we returned to the flat. Huff! I thought. It wasn't for too long though and then we set off again. This time, Papa came with us. That meant that, as we just happened to be going via the Clifftop Park, I got to enjoy a good romp around while Papa sort of did my job for me. I even met my long-lost girlfriends, Lucy and Lola the Whippets!

We continued on down the long steep slope towards the gardens and then town. About half way down, there were some big bleeping roaring beastie machines rumbling about on the paw-way. Mummy harnessed me up again at that point and workywalkies began again. We went into town and said tattybyes to Papa, then I had to 'Find the bank' for Mummy. I took her straight there and in the door, even though the entrance we used to use was all blocked by some big poles. Next stop was a funny little shop where a manhuman made some vsvsvs noises with a machine and then handed Mummy some of those funny little shiny sticks that go into holes in doors.

We then went on a rather extended workywalkies around parts of town that I didn't recognise. I rather suspect that Mummy didn't recognise them either! It was a much longer route back than we have ever taken before. We made it though.

This afternoon brought another workywalkies. This time I knew exactly which way to guide Mummy (Daddy came too). Mummy simply said 'Let's go find Teri'. Off we set and went to the clinkyclunky ladyhuman who seems to hurt Mummy and Daddy but yet leaves them with uppy-cornered mouths! Weird!

Ooh! Did I mention? I got a FREERUN? Heeeheeeheeeee!

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