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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Tuffy Fish.

A mainly snoozy day today, but with lots of meety-greety bits as visitors came to Granny Grandpa's old flat. They were all manhumans wearing very smart fursubstitutes and carrying blocks of flappy rectangles with squiggles on. I meeted and greeted each of them with my special enthusiasm, but then Mum and Dad took over and did ooooooodles of yacketying, taking them into each room in the flat. I enjoyed the carpets!

I had done my duty before all this though; I had taken Mummy workywalkies to a Tesco shop and then on to the flat. I had earned my snoozings!

A bit later, I took Daddy walkies again while Mummy got on with endless efforts of her stroking-everything-with-a-wet-cloth thing.

Back in our humankennelblock, while I was busy doing serious work on my bone, Mummy opened a box. It was ever-so-exciting! I do like to help with unpacking boxes! Today's box was super worth helping with; it contained two new toys for me!! Yippeeeee! A Tuffy Fish and a super squeaky beer bottle. I am one happy pup! 

3 photos showing me on the stripey carpet of our hotel room, with my new toys; a bright yellow squeaky beer bottle and an orange and white striped tuffy fish. In the first photo, I am busy working on my bone with the new toys beside it.

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