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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Headless Mummy!

Surely I must need at least double rations for tonight's dinner.....

Daddy has walked me off my paws! It was worth it though - it was a trip to Pets at Home to get a big bag of my nosh!

Mummy stayed home today to rest. She has been eating little white disks and saying she needs her head to go away! I'm not sure I want to guide a headless Mummy! She seems a lot more like my proper Mummy again this evening though so I think it was a good move for her to stay home and let me exercise Daddy!

Now....There is a huuuuuuge bag of my din dins out on the front deck and it isn't yet inside the meanie box that won't let me in......I'm sure it needs to be tested .... quality control......

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