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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Random Sits and Downs!

Oooerrr! Strange happenings!

Mummy has been yacketying on her talkybone and it has been yacketying back at her - lots and lots and lots. I have heard stuff about 'training' and 'obedience' and 'practice'.....

This morning it happened! I got some 'obedience training practice'. I'm not too sure what is going on but it was quite good fun. It got me lots of 'Good boy' and fusses from Mummy. I am always happy to accept those.

We went out into the gardeny type area by our mooring and Mummy put me into my new noseband-and-lead-all-in-one. We walked a few paces, then she told me to 'sit'. There was no apparent reason for this, but I did it anyway. 'Good boy. Let's go'....a few more paces then... 'Down'. I was a bit less keen to do this but she clicked her pawpointers and pointed to the ground. That meant business! I went into a 'down'. 'Good boy. Let's go'..... this continued at random points - sometimes a 'sit' and sometimes a 'down' - to and fro and around and about the gardeny place.

After many of these repeated random sits and downs, I had to sit and stay while Mummy walked away from me. Then she turned around and called 'Oakie come'. I zoomed in for a super fuss and praise session! Next time it was a 'Down. Stay' and then 'Oakie come'

After all this peculiarity, it was on with my harness and off into town with Daddy tagging along. I tried to get in a few sneaky sniffs and snaffles but today Mum was having none of that! Huff! It seems it is game over and Mum is talking about getting me 'out of bad habits'. I really have no idea what she could possibly mean......

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