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Friday, 11 May 2018

Bigmouthed Box.

Phewwyy! I've worked my ba... errmm....paws off today!

It all started with bag-packing, then another session of that dissyplin thing. Then we set off to 'find the train'. That meant a workywalkies across Bumingham. That was fine. We got on the train - only to get off again at the next stop! Dad says that our one was cancelled. We got onto another one though and that was all good - a nice comfy carpet to snooze on. When I woke up, I had serious work to do: We were in that crazy London place!

We left the trainkennel and hit the streets. 'Let's go find the train' said Mum. Uh? But we only just left the train! Oh well... it was a good workywalkies and I remembered the route. Apparently we left Marley's Bone and went to Victoria via a lot of 'find the crossing's and 'find the kerb's, and via a delectable and very enticing Hidey Park. I was well miffed when Mum failed to ask me to stop in there for harness removal. Harrumph! We just kept workywalkiesing all the way!

Two more train rides later got us to completely new territory for a session of very serious workywalkies. It seemed to go on forever along a mega busy road with a very narrow pavement. Mum was a bit scared but I kept her on the straight and narrow. After a long walkies, Dad consulted his talkybone and it apparently told him that we had gone the wrong way. Mum really didn't want to walk back again beside that nasty road, so we went on a tiny way further to 'find the crossing'. Several crossings took us to the other side of the nasty road and on to a bus stop.

The bus then landed us near another 'find the crossing', which took us to a humankennelblock. When we got inside there my tail made my whole body wag! I found Papa! Yayyyyy! He is in the kennel opposite ours.

Next stop was the human yummyery, then my dinner, then off out again. This time we went in Papa's car and landed by a big pointy building. There, we found Debbi and Ryan! Yayyyy! It was another of those 'humanhowling sessions with lots of them up on a highfloor and Debbi sitting tickling the black and white teeth on the bigmouthed box. At the end, when all the humans were banging their front paws together, I managed to shove my head between the two seats in front and sneak a lovely ear-rub from the two ladyhumans sitting there. It made their mouths go up at the corners!

Now, we are back in our kennel and I seem to have rather heavy eyelids! Night Ni........zzzzzzzzz.....

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