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Thursday, 10 May 2018

It Fuffed Right up my Nose!

Ooh Eck! Daddy's at it too!

Walk a bit .... 'Sit' .... 'Let's go'.....walk a bigger bit....'Sit'....'Let's go'........and so on.......

I thought Daddy loved me! I thought he was the funtime walkies buddy! I thought wrong!

Is this dissyplin thing contagious?

I got it from Daddy this morning when I took him walkies into town (I had to wait forEEEEver in a shop where Daddy got his headfur snippetysnipped off). Then I got it again from Mummy this afternoon - first of all in the gardenish by our mooring, then off on a workywalkies along the towpath and back again.

I did get to have a bit of loonytime with a squishy green ball I found though! It was a little bit squishy when I found it. I soon made is super squishy and good to wap around my shnozzle! It didn't half make me jump though when I popped it! My fang sank into it and it fuffed right up my nose! Apparently my bunnyhop backwards was hilarious!

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