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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

I'm Back! Fandabbydoozee!!!

Oh Boy!!! What a crazy few days!

We are now in a human yummyery where we have some of that interweb stuff, so we can do some catching up. I have carpet to snooze on so all is good!

The last few days have been all about gazillions of human back legs to guide Mummy around, with gazoodles of pooch pals to meet & greet and sometimes to 'Leave', a hamhoosive array of 'leave it' yummies all over the floor (I managed to snaffle a few but Mummy was far too vigilant!), and a squllionbillion fusses and admirations! Mummy says it was called the Crick Boat Show. She seems to be super pleased with me for all my hard work getting her around it all.

On Sunday morning, I had to get Mummy up onto the highfloor inside a hugenormous flappywalls where Daddy had been humanhowling into a lollipop, and stroking up and down on the long whiskers on his noisebox-with-a-long-stick. Mummy didn't do that, but she did do some yacketying into that lollipop thingy. I just had to lie down and look handsome! An easy little job!

There were lots and lots and lots of floatyboatyhomes. Mummy and Daddy went inside many of them. I got to go with them on some of them. Others I wasn't allowed on, so I had to stay onshore and look after a human. One of the humans I got to look after a couple of times was a nice ladyhuman who speaks Guide Dog speak! She is a Puppymummy! It was nice looking after her!

There was one floatyboatyhome that we all went on several times and Mummy and Daddy did oooooooooodles of yacketying with the humans on there too. I am getting the impression there was something a bit special about that one......

Yesterday, was the last day and, once the stand we were on was all packed up and we had said goodbyes to all our humanpals, I got my dinner. Then came a lovely end to the weekend; I got a very welcome relaxing freerun! Well....actually, it was more of a freewander really! I didn't really have the oomf left to run, but it was a super unwind for all of us! We wandered along the towpath and up and over a hill, then back along a bit more towpath. On the way, we had to go through a gate and into a field where Mummy was a meanie! She put me on my lead so I couldn't go play with the four-legged white clouds that were bouncing around in the field! I was a bit miffed about that, but the freedom was reinstated when we went through the gate on the other side of the field. The wander took us to another floatyboatyhome, belonging to humanpals John and Jane. I managed to wrap myself around the tablestick and have a good snooze while they all yackety-yacked. That was just nice before the return freewander.

Today was super fandabbydoozee! A day that starts with a freerun is always good, but this was a freerun with a Guide Dog colleague! Inez is a black girlie labrador x retriever. She is something called a Retired Guide Dog. I'm not sure what that means but it seems that she no longer has to do her job! I'm not sure what that must be like but I gather that it will happen to me sometime. I'm not sure what to think about that idea. Inez seems to be happy doing it though. She still seems like a colleague to me! More importantly though, she was great company to romp with and I got to take her (and her humans) to an old funplace called Millennium Woods. We went there three years ago when we last did this Crick thingy. It is a wonderfully woofy place with lots and lots of trees to water and long grass to roll in, and a good path route for the humans to cope with while we pooches got on with having fun!

Inez sometimes lives on a floatyboatyhome, but not all the time like I do. It was supergood to meet another me though! Our humans seemed to get on well too, so hopefully we will get to meet again......

A few photos of me with Inez this morning. All of them show us both having a wonderful time running and sniffing and chasing and rolling in long green grass with lots of trees all around. We did manage to sit still and pose for one picture!

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