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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Who's a Clever Boy then?.......

I took Mum on a mission today. We went into town, leaving Dad behind clicketyfingersing. We went into a couple of shops, one of which was Wilko. Mum was just chatting to me as we walked and kind of muttered 'Now.... We need to find Wilko....Oakie wait. Let me get my bearings'. Well, I didn't need to wait. I didn't need to get any bearings. I just followed the hint. Of course I found Wilko! I have lots of human friends in there! I also found one of those friends at the checkout. Loadsafuss! Yesssss!

Then Mum said 'Need to find Boots now'. No problem! Straight there! Inside I had to do loads of waiting while Mum tried to scan the shelves for what she wanted. Along came a nice lady and her minihuman. I couldn't resist.....they were both looking longingly at me.....I couldn't let them down......I just had to let them fuss me! Actually, the lady did ask Mum first if it was ok to fuss me. Thankfully she said yes and I didn't waste so much as a nanosecond! But it was all for Mum's benefit.....she and the lady got yacketying.....the lady helped Mum to find the things she was searching for. So, I got fusses, lady and boy got my adoration, Mum got help with her shopping! Win!

When we went to the checkout, we met Lorraine, the nice Guide Dogs lady from our MegaWalk events. Speaking of which....it seems the MegaWalk is back on soon! Yippee!

We took a longer route back to the boat. Just because it was a nice morning and because we could! That is plenty good enough reason for me!

Later in the afternoon, we had visitors briefly. Linda gave me a nice juicy carrot - just enough to stop me fading away in the half hour before my dinner time!

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