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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Meh! My tummy was nasty to me today! It wasted food! Mum had to clean the mat! Sorry Mummy!
I'm ok again now though.
Apart from that bleugghh moment, I've been a busy-bee today. We've been out around town getting lots more flappy rectangles into shop windows. I've taken Mum to get her head fur snipped, and I've taken Dad for a nice long, gentle, get-better walk to the leisure centre and back. That included going through my favourite park, the one where we moored but the boat failed to get stuck, but Dad didn't let me freerun! Harrumph! He said it wouldn't be a good idea after being poorly! But I was fine again then! Honest I was! Spoilsport!!!


  1. Monty the Border Collie from nb Tentatrice says he is sorry to hear that you were poorly today, Oakley. Also to let you know that his Mum and Dad have posted your rectangle flappy thing on their blog tonight - hope it helps and you get lots of supporters. We will not be able to come as we are heading home to Droitwich along the Grand Union at present. Hope we meet up again one day - you are a good play mate. Good luck to you and your Mum for the rest of your walk. Monty x (and Jennie and Chris!)

  2. Thankyou for thinking of me! I hope to meet you again soon. Please keep following me. 😀