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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Fusses and walkies!

I think Granny must have forgiven me - she gave me the huuuuugest carrot this afternoon! Yummyscrummy!
Today I've taken Mum for a nice long walk on harness around a big block, including back via the clifftop park where she released me for a little freerun! Then we all got into the car to take Granny shopping again. Nobody was nasty this time in Asda! In fact, I managed to sneak a couple of nice fusses while waiting for Granny to choose her shopping! I also did my duty and hoovered a few spilt morsels from the floor in the greengrocery areas.
Next came a human yummies place, so a lie-down under the table for me. I did manage to clear up the tiny green balls that Mum dropped! She is sooooo messy! (Thankfully! Heehee!)
After that we went to a shop full of wheelieseats and other contraptions. Granny got a wheelieframe thing to help her walk about without wobbling so much! (More proof that 4 paws is superior - dogs don't wobble!). I got nice fusses from the nice man who helped Granny choose her wheelieframe.
Then it was off to a hotel for cups of that hot brown icky water these humans like so much. More fusses for me from Granny's friends who were there! That was rounded off nicely with another harness walk with Mum back, the long way, to Granny's flat. That was when I got the carrot-and-a-half! I lovely treat!
I helped Dad's tea to go down by taking him for a nice leisurely walk this evening.
So, all in all, a pretty good day!

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