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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Furry Fury!

Car. Church. Car. Freerun. Car. Boat (very briefly). Car (long ride). Debbi & Ryan's house! Well, garden actually. That loooooovely big garden! Plus new humans to meet and greet! Worth the long car ride! One of the new humans was a very mini human called Victoria. She was definite proof that four paws is better than two! She was tottering all around the garden, but wobbling all over the place and kept going wump on her bum!  She pinched my toys too! She seemed to especially like my squeaky space hopper and squeaky rugby ball! I didn't mind. I know she is a very young puppy so I shared nicely! She seemed to enjoy splashing her paws about in my water bowl too! And she threw some bits of sausage in there! I think I could get to like mini humans like her!

It seems we were there for something called a housewarming. This is a bit odd as we spent the whole time outside the house, in the garden! No complaints though. Ryan was making some delectable smells using a funny round ball-shaped thing that was really hot and had smoke coming out of it. Inside, he had sausages and chicken sizzling. Of course, the only tastes I got was from tiny morsels that I had to hoover from the grass below messy human eaters! It did make that grass rather tasty!

There were some of those see through water bowls on stalks, with that icky-smelling red water inside. They were on a low table. Well....they started ON the table......apparently my tail is a good table sweeper! Oops! Sorrreeeee!

After everyone had gone home, I took Dad for a walk around the block and returned to a brief time indoors. I wasn't allowed off lead. HISSING FURBALLS! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! The mini ones (Loki and Lily) have got bigger and the mummy one is still scary! They all ran upstairs but the mummy one (Bella) came back down as we were heading towards the front door to leave. She hissed and growled at me and tried to double in size. I couldn't help it.....my biggest, fiercest barks just exploded from me! Mum had a firm hold on my lead though, so I couldn't move very far to sort out the furry fury. And Mum told me off! Huff!

The car ride home was much quicker and finished with a nice walk to unwind. Now it's sofa snuggles time.

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