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Friday, 11 September 2015


A lazy start to the day, followed by a nice leisurely long walk with Dad while Mum got in with loads of that weird stroke-everything-with-a-cloth stuff. This was followed by a snooze on the front deck in the sun while Dad did something called 'fix the shower pump' . I have no idea what that means, but it seemed to involve a lot of huffing and puffing, lying on the floor and using strange shiny sticks to twizzle and wiggle things. Then he emerged holding a dripping lumpy black metal thing, which he twiddled and dismantled, then pulled a mass of gunk out and put it all back together again! It seems that all this means that the warm rain box is all good again. I dispute that the word 'good' can ever be happily linked with warm rain and froth!
After all this bemusing activity, I took Mum and Dad for a walk into town, to the same pub as yesterday. We didn't stay this time though - just met the nice man, Alex, outside (he was out there when we arrived puffing on one of those glowing smelly stick thigs). Mum gave him a Guide Dogs collecting box to keep on the bar.
We then continued our walk into the village and went to an utterly mouthwatering shop. I mean - literally mouthwatering! There were carrots, among other things, in boxes outside and, as if that wasn't yummy enough, inside were trays and trays and trays of drool-provoking stuff. It was all behind windowthings though so I could see but not get to it. I had to content myself with pressing my nose to the tiny gap between the see-throughs. Mum asked the nice man behind the counter for some steak, which he cut with a huge shiny flat stick. He then disappeared for a few moments and came back with a big bone! For me!!!! Yippeeeee! I like that man! He chopped it into three bits so now I have three bonesI wasn't allowed to carry them home though. I offered, but Dad said he would keep them safe in the bag. Huff!
We didn't go straight home. We went for a little explore along a pathway between lots of trees. On the way back, Mum removed my bra and lead and let me have a little freerun. That was perfect timing because along came a golden retriever and a black Labrador. A superb combination for a bit of a play! Then, back on the towpath, I met another playpal; a black Labrador-x-Staffie-x-collie named Brian. We had a great game of chase and roll together.
I was very ready for my dinner after all that. When I'd finished, Mum laughed at me for having a rim of weetabix on top of my nose! Huff! It's not fair! My tongue isn't long enough to reach to lick that bit! I forgave her though when she gave me one of the bits of bone to gnaw on. It didn't last long though and I think Mum was a bit surprised by that! My tongue might be short, but my jaws are awesome!

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