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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Free-runs Galore!

Coooo..eeeee! I is compooperated! All this playing is blooming hard work!
I've had to muster the energy for sooooo many free runs today, as well as working on harness to church and back, and a long walk taking Dad into town too!
The first freerun was a brilliant start to the day. I really love this mooring in the park! As soon as Mum unzipped the flappy wall of the bowdeck, I was able to whizz straight off to greet and play with a passing doggy pal .... Or several! Our route to church this morning was via the full length of the huge park area, with a minor on-lead interruption in the middle, where there is a road. Then it was onto harness to guide Mum on the roads to and from church.
After that, it was back through the park and over the bridge to a nice lady's house. Her name is Jane and, while she and Mum n Dad were yipping, she took my lead off and insisted that I be allowed to sniff around. I didn't find any crumbs to hoover, but it was nice to relax!
We then went back to the boat, again across the park. Then another couple of opportunities, throughout the afternoon, to leap ashore to greet and play with other passing pals. These were interrupted by having to take Dad on a long hike to a shop that was closed!
This evening, after my dinner had long since vanished, and I'd had a good bone-demolishing session while Mum and Dad watched that weird talking picture thing, I needed to do doggy necessaries, so Mum took me out again onto the park where I had a good game of ball with her, before a fab pal turned up! He was an eighteen-month-old Burmese Mountain Dog and we had a FABULOUS game of chase and roll and chase and chew and chase and run....... Including into the river! Oops! I think Mum had planned to keep me dry! Heeheee!
After all that exertion, I needed the treats that Mum so carelessly dropped on the floor while refilling the box! Heehee! Good hoovering duty! Energy replenishment!
Now...... I think I need sleep....... Well, I certainly need to rebuild my energy for tomorrow's adventures....... I really really hope we can stay here on this mooring.........

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