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Thursday, 17 September 2015


Cor! I like that man at the market! The one in the high up white box on wheels, with all the mouthwatering stuff and the huge shiny choppy-uppy-sticks that he uses to chop and slice through meat and bones. Mum and Dad bought some meat from him this morning and he gave me two huge bones! Mum says they are cow's hips. I say they are uber yummy! I wasn't allowed to carry them home. Dad put them in his wheeliebag, but I think I might have had achy jaws if I had tried to carry even one of them. After the rest of the shopping trip, which included quite a lot of walkywork guiding Mum around busy roads, across bleepycrossings and around boooooooooring shops with no hoovering to do, I did then get to spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying some serious gnawing!

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