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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Swim, Play, Swim, Play.......

5 miles and 7 locks today and we are back in Newbury again. However, we are not in the same bit as before. I really like this mooring - we are in the park! Wooooohoooooo! Right beside the big freerun field, right beside the slope where I can run in and out of the river to swim! Pleeeeeeease Dad, can we stay here - forever?!
Added to that bit of bliss, Debbi and Ryan came to visit! Ryan is mega good at throwing a ball! Great fun! Sadly, they have gone again now and I had to endure the weirdness of Mum stroking the floor while Dad carried some stuff to Ryan's car! I really don't understand this peculiar behaviour! I hid in the bathroom til it was over! Trouble was, the bathroom floor also needed stroking too! I sought sanctuary on my bed! It seems safe again now. The whiskerstick and wet stroker-stick have been put away! I shall relax and dream of swimming and playing tomorrow - swim, swim, swim, play, run, chase, play, run, swim......zzzzzz

Playing in the park with my mate Ryan. Mum and Debbi looking on.

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