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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Home Again!

We're home again!
It's been a long day - starting with a looooong walk on harness taking Mum to find a little Tesco. I think she got the directions wrong but I think it was fine. It meant a longer walk! That can only be good - not wrong at all! We walked along several streets before Mum asked someone for directions. we then found the shop, got something called 'spuds', then set off to head back to Granny's. It seems we took the 'scenic' route! we ended up walking through a kind of park with a huge roaring bubble in it, attached to lots of leads holding it to the ground. Then we turned right and walked up a loooong steep hill and up to the clifftop park area and so finally to Granny's. It was a good outing.

After we had been back for a while, the dingdong sounded and a nice lady came to visit. She had a whole load of markysheets that Dad and Granny both had to use markysticks on. I didnt care much for all that boring stuff, but I did enjoy a nice fuss!

Mum did a load of choppy-stirry-sizzly-bubbly stuff in Granny's kitchen. Then of course I had to endure starvation while the humans enjoyed the yummies.

the rest of the afternoon was a quiet snooze for me while Mum and dad were occupied with doing various jobs for Granny. That was until Mum had packed everything up in bags, and Dad was doing some last bits of granny stuff. Then I persuaded Mum that I really needed to take her out! It worked and we set off for a walk and freerun in the Clifftop park. that was great! I met a little black dog with a puched up face and curly tail. he was a right grumpybum! I ran over to him, super glad to find a friend to play with and all he did was snuffle and growl at me! Humph! I did find a Husky called Mia a bit later, to have a good game of chase with though! She was fun!

I also found a couple of lovely humans who were glad to fuss me. they were all sad and needed my love because their 5 year old Rottie had died on the same day that my Grandpa died.

While Mum was yipping with these people, I snuck in a bit of a play with a group of mini-ish humans. they were great fun and I enjoyed romping about with them but Mum yelled at me when I joined in with their game of football! Apparently players are not allowed to use teeth to move the ball around the pitch! Oooops!

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