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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Leaky skies = boring day!

We went shopping this morning, including a visit to Pets At Home. It was a bit of a naff visit though. I didn't get to drag Mum to the Hoovering aisle! We had to wait around for a bit while a man went off to try to find out something about a new lid for my dog food box. I'd rather it didn't have a lid at all! While we were waiting, I did get to investigate the cages a bit. There was one with a funny little brown skittering thing in it. It went whizzing around in a wheel. I really couldn't work that out - even with my head as far over to the side as I could tip it! Mum said it was a degu. I think it was fascinating!
That was followed by a trek around Lidl's. I tried to help select some of that bacon stuff, but all I got for my efforts was a sharp tug on my harness and an 'uh-uh....don't even think about it!' from Mum. Huff!
I tried my best to plod as slowly as I could manage back to the boat. It didn't make the walk any longer though! Then, when we got back, the sky started leaking and it didn't stop for the rest of the day. We did have visitors. That was a nice interlude. Otherwise I've just snoozed while Mum and Dad have been clicketyfingersing.
After my dinner, I managed to persuade Dad that I needed to take him out of the way so Mum could stroke the floor. I got nicely soggy and so got a lovely towel rub when we got back. Time for Mummy-sofa-snuggles now!


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