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Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Mum called it a beetle. I called it a shnozzle-tickler!
I was working well (Mum said so!). I was making sure she proved it on a regular basis by reminding her that I needed edible assurances from her bumbag! We were walking along the towpath, with Dad driving the boat along behind us. It was quite a narrow path with lots of trees and beastiebushes either side. I spotted a little shiny critter scuttling around on the ground in front of me. I stopped to investigate. Mum likes it when I point out things like this to her because she seldom spots them herself. It was all black and shiny with way too any legs! Well.....when I say legs.....I think they were legs....they were kind of little tiny twigs sticking out of its sides! It was skittering around all over the place - very fast. When I got close enough to investigate properly, it scurried up my nose! It didn't half tickle! Then it made my nose explode! I never saw the critter again! Mum just stood there and laughed at me .... lots! Huff!
Apart from that, it has been a good day. We had to walk past a VERY noisy rumbly thing on a bridge. Mum says it was called a jennyrater or something and that it wouldn't hurt me. I didn't give it the chance to even try! I snuck around the other side of Mum's legs for safety! We survived and continued on our way. We walked about 3 miles, worked 6 locks and held up the traffic at 5 swingbridges and one big lifty-up-roadbridge! I got to play with a few doggy pals at various points too - mainly while waiting for locks to do their stuff.....well....I have to while away the boring bits somehow don't I?!!

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