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Saturday, 19 September 2015


His name is Sid. He's a 5-month old pug. He was fantastic fun!

We met at the cliff top park in Bournemouth and had a fabulous time bouncing and chasing around together. Another girlie doggy came to join in too but her human didn't want her to play so called her away. Sid and I just resumed our cavorting!

This all came after a day of car journeys, senior family members and lots of patience! Dad got another different hire car; a little dinky toy one that Mum called a roller skate. It smelled funny inside - Dad said that was because it was brand new. It had a boot bit that was just big enough for me, so I approved! We drove to Bournemouth, picked up Granny from her flat, then drove a bit more to a human yummies place, where we found Nanny and Papa! Yippee! (Finding Nanny always means yummy minty rings! She always has some in her bag! Heehee!). Granny then apparently needed some shopping, so I had to work guiding Mum around Tesco's. Then, after a bit of relaxing and a carrot, followed a bit later by my dinner, back at Granny's flat, I took Mum to the cliff top while Dad did a last few jobs for Granny. That was when I met Sid. That made up for all the slowness and patience of the day.

I definitely need my beauty sleep now we are back home aboard the boat in Newbury again.

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